Gymnastic Rings Bodyweight Bodybuilding training series

This program will teach you

  • The essential aspects of deloading to avoid plateaus and make continual progress
  • Push-Pull upper body training split for optimising muscular development
  • Nutrition concept imperative to balancing strength gains whilst increasing bodyweight
  • Several approaches to effectively alter exercises / training variables to ensure continual progress
  • How to execute an accumulation protocol to continually overload & progress
  • Training to failure, is it necessary? When and why it should be used
  • Why an absence of isolation bodyweight exercises often result in disproportionate physiques
  • Reality of hypertrophy/strength training progression
  • The benefits of using a variety of sets/reps ranges & intensity for bodyweight bodybuilding
  • And much more…

Created by Daniel Vadnal, bodyweight training expert

Photo of Daniel Vadnal

Customer Testimonals


My main goal is to get skills such as planches and levers, is this program for me?

Short answer is no, your time and effort should be on a program specific to training strength skils. BBR will develop overall upper body strength with an emphasis on muscle gaining protocols.

What equipment is required?

Gymnastic rings… duh!

Are rings included?

Gymnastic rings are not included with the training series and are required to be purchased separately.

Are bodyweight leg workouts included?

No. Providing lower body exercises with gymnastic rings would be a gimmick. We are not about that.

Is nutrition covered in the book?

Principles underpinning nutrition for hypertrophy purposes are briefly mentioned. A diet is not provided with BBR.

How many workouts per week and how long do they take?

4 sessions per week of upper body training for Phase 1-3. A workout will last 1 to 1.5 hours.

Is stretching covered in the program?

Yes. A dynamic warmup for the purposes of priming the body for training is included. A shoulder mobility sequence is shown using resistance bands to facilitate scapula movement allowing greater training output. Loaded stretching for the upper body is covered.

Why gymnastic rings for bodybuilding?

Muscular growth is possible via many training modalities, both free weights and bodyweight exercises can accomplish this goal. Gymnastic rings are cheap, can be taken anywhere and the exercise intensity can be continually increased to provide the necessary challenge for muscular growth. It’s simply fun to move your own bodyweight whilst developing a better looking physique too!

Body By Rings Program includes

  • Over 40 HD Exercise video demonstrations
  • Exercise videos include commentary outlining key exercise cues to maximise results & prevent injury including common form mistakes
  • eBook PDF guide comprehensively explaining how to use the training system
  • 18 Week training log provided
  • Warmup routine videos to prepare the body safely for rings training
  • Bodyweight Tracking spreadsheet to assess bulking/cutting progress
  • BONUS - 3x Arm Building Isolation Routines from beginner–advanced
  • Digital download (800mb file size)
Price: $67 USD